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Weaving is a fascinating craft with so many possibilities. I started by weaving tapestries on a frame and then moved on to weaving rugs on a four shaft loom before becoming involved with fabric weaving. 


I have scarves for sale at No Two Things in Didcot. and a small selection of scarves and pictures at the Vale and Downland Museum in Wantage

I will be sending more pictures toNorth Farm Gallery in the Isles of Scilly for the start of the season 

Visitors are also welcome to see my work at my home in Oxfordshire. 

Contact me on 01235 833361



At Ardington School of Crafts.  See


Weaving Taster Day - Stripes and Zigzags, Wed 5 Apr 2017

Weave two samples.  You will be able to produce various stripes using a rigid heddle loom. You will also use a 4 shaft loom to produce zig-zags


Loom Weaving Workshop, Wed 18 - Thurs 19 Oct 2017

Weave samples on 4 shaft and rigid heddle looms and learn how to put a warp on a loom.  There are plenty more patterns that can be woven if you have already done the Taster Day

Recent Weaving

Whilst preparing for my Spots and Stripes course at Ardington last April, I became fascinated by the patterns which can be obtained on  a rigid heddle loom warped for fabric weaving using different sequences with two colours in both the warp and the weft







My first piece of weaving on my new Ashford 8 shaft loom. The warp is silk noil dyed with indigo and brazilwood. The weft is a commercially dyed wool and alpaca blend. It is woven on an advancing point twill threading

 I have recently found out that Brazilwood is no longer available as it is classified as an endangered species.  I feel guilty about having used it.  I mainly use synthetic dyes for my scarves and pictures. I have been using indigo for blues but I normally used the synthetic form

The scarf beside it was woven on a similar threading. The warp is silk noil dyed with brazilwood and the weft is wool. It is very comfortable to wear


Waffle weave scarf. I found this one so soft and warm that I decided to keep it.  I am weaving some more with the same structure.  See  my article Point Twill and much more for more information on the weave.

I wove this wrap for my niece’s birthday. I made some ties on the silk warp and dyed it blue. I then added some pink dye and wrapped the scarf in cling film and heated in a water bath. I used an overshot threading so I could weave the white bands of pattern.

The wrap above was woven on the same  warp,  I had left sections out of the blue dye bath and then dyed them red.  I used two threads of black cashmere silk and two of navy silk for the weft. Again I did bands of overshot but it is more subtle as I used the same yarn for the pattern and the plain weave



This picture is based on a picture in Sue Lewington’s Scilly notes. Shortly after leaving it at North Farm Gallery on St Martins I took the picture below of the same view.


 Weaving courses in East Hendred, Oxfordshire  

Weaving a rug sample on a rigid heddle loom.  

My courses provide a starting point to this fascinating craft as well as the opportunity to extend your skills  

  Fee from £30 half day £50 full day


Options include -

a Taster course 

Weaving a Scene



More information



Weaving a twill sampler on a four shaft loom.

I go to  Restore's therapeutic centre in Didcot a day a week as a volunteer.  

Members have woven some lovely bags and scarves. We have also done natural dyeing, 

braiding and needle felting.  For more information about Restore visit

My article Varying the twill was published in the Summer 2010 edition of the 

Journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

You can also read a follow up article Point Twill and much more

More about my weaving